The Rev. Canon Barbara J. Price

I joined the Episcopal Church as an adult and raised my kids at St. John’s, Wilson, where I played the organ. At that time I was a registered nurse with an undergraduate degree in administration. Skipping forward, I began serving as Diocesan Administrator and Clergy Deployment Officer on the staff of Bishop Bowman in 1989. Eventually I went to seminary and was ordained a priest in 1997. I continued to work for the Diocese and to do various interim ministries for a while before I went to Bexley Hall Seminary in Rochester to teach. I taught Anglican Formation and congregational and leadership development for about eight years. For much of that time I was also the part-time Rector of St. Peter’s Church in Eggertsville, a position from which I ‘retired’ last year.

Today I serve the Diocese as Director of the Hope Center and as a special consultant to Bishop Franklin for congregational development. I’m currently a Priest Associate at St. Paul’s Cathedral. I do occasional midweek services and am there once a every six weeks or so on a Sunday. Additionally, I serve as the Chaplain to the Spouses/Partners of the House of Bishops, also a part-time position.

I’m a spiritual director and have led and taught programs for training others to serve as spiritual directors through Morningstar Ministries, which offers spiritual direction and retreats.

I am a member of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross, a woman’s prayer society, an avid reader and gardener, and I love to knit and crochet. My husband Alfred and I have four grown children and nine grandchildren.


The Rev. Canon Dr. Daniel J. Pinti

I would call myself a "bi-vocational priest", which means I believe I have two callings, or vocations: to the priesthood and to teaching and academics. Each is integral to "who I am". I answered the teaching call first, getting a Ph.D. in English and pursuing an academc career. I'm a tenured professor at Niagara University, where I've taught since 2001.

It was coming to Western New York to teach at NU that opened the way for me to answer God's call to the priesthood. I began seminary at Bexley Hall in Rochester, and finished at Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora. I was ordained deacon in 2008, and priest in 2011. Since then I've served as vicar of St. Aiden's in Alden, and as canon priest at St. Paul's Cathedral in Buffalo.

I've come to St. Paul's, Lewiston partly in the hope of integrating these vocations, by beginning a campus ministry with Episcopal students at NU. What such a ministry will look like exactly will be largely up to the students. My guiding questions for them will center on "community": what shape and purpose (s) might a Episcopal community at NU have, and how might that community connect with others? From a pastoral perspective, my sense is that for many younger people college becomes a time to "grow out of" the faith they were raised with. I'm hoping to help them find a faith they can grow into, and that grows with them.

My wife Maria and I have three children (which is not quite the right word anymore): Zach, John and Rachel. Zach is 23 and finishing his degree at NU this year. John and Rachel are about to turn 18 and in thier senior year at Clarence High School. Maria is a nurse and works in infection control in the Patient Safety department at ECMC. My major pastime/stress reliever is playing the guitar, which I do as much as I can, often quite loudly.

Everything I've mentioned falls under the category of blessings: I'm blessed by my family, my music, by my profession, by serving God's people as priest, and by St. Paul's. Thanks be to God, and God bless you all!

Staff Leadership

Presiding Bishop:  The Right Rev. Michael Bruce Curry

Provisional Bishop:  The Right Rev. Sean Rowe

Priest-in-Charge:  The Rev. Canon Barbara J. Price

Associate Priest:  The Rev. Dr. Daniel Pinti

Organist:  Dr. Carole Harris

Wardens: Laurel Shoop & Sonja Slother

Vestry Clerk:  Shawn Slother

Vestry:  Barb Shakarjian, Donna Ludwig, Caitlyn Conibear, Laurel Shoop, Marguerite Rupnow, Skip Dengate

Serving Scheduler:  Marguerite Rupnow

Alter Guild:  Laurel Shoop

Treasurer:  Marcie Lynch

Parish Administrative Assistant:  Shawn Slother

Administration Team: Ed Walker, Shawn Slother, Marcie Lynch, Sonja Slother, Chris Perkins

Parish Life Team:  Laurel Shoop, Sonja Slother, John Rupnow, Marguerite Rupnow, Jackie Portik

Mission and Outreach Team:  Carol Conibear and Teresa Carter (co-chairs), Marguerite Rupnow, Pat Walker, Kate Dengate